Grade 11 University Biology - Genetics

T his website is a not a substitute for attendance or paying attention in class. It is not inclusive of everything taught in the course. There will be items covered in class not available online, therefore students are responsible for making sure these items are included in their course notes.

This is a tentative list and can change depending on the needs of individual classes.


1. Cell Cycle Review

2. Types of Reproduction

3. Meiosis

4. Gametogenesis

4. Genetic Variation

5.  Early Ideas About Inheritance

6. Genetic Terminology

7. Mendel's Experiments

8. Dihybrid Crosses

9. Test Cross

10. Incomplete Dominance

11. Codominance

12. Sickle Cell Anemia

13. Multiple Alleles

14. Sex-Linked

15. Genetic Abnormalities

16. Genetic Abnormalities 2

17. Genetic Screening