Grade 11 University Biology - Diversity

This website is a not a substitute for attendance or paying attention in class. It is not inclusive of everything taught in the course. There will be items covered in class not available online, therefore students are responsible for making sure these items are included in their course notes.

This is a tentative list and can change depending on the needs of individual classes.



1. Course Introduction

2. Diversity Student Self-Assessment

3. Intro to Classification and Diversity

4. Dichotomous Keys

5. Cell Types and Organelles -----> to help with chart Cell Organelles

5b. Mitochondria vs. Chloroplast Only

6. Cell Membrane and Mitochondria vs. Chloroplast

7. Passive Transport

8. Active Transport --> Sodium Potassium Pump Animation

9. Bulk Transport

10. Nucleic Acids

11. Viruses --> Understanding Viruses Video

12. Bacteria --> Understanding Bacteria Video

12b. Determining Cell Wall Composition

13. Protista

14. Fungi

15. Animalia

Please note that these powerpoints do not contain all information presented in class. If you are away, you will need to compare these notes with your learning partner.