Grade 11U Biology  Assignments

Tentative List! This page is still under construction.


1.    Current Events Assignment - will vary by student

Students will be creating a poster using an article from an acceptable news source (see handout in course pack for more details).

Marking Scheme:

See handout for break down /16

2. Presentation - will vary by student

Groups of two will present on a topic and date selected in class.

Internet Note-Sheet

Book Note-Sheet

Database Note-Sheet

Due: will vary by student. Handout due two school days before presentation.

Due date: will vary by student

3.   Dichotomous Key - Feb. 14

4.   Protista Lab - Mar 20

5.   Bacteria Lab- Feb 20

6.   Animalia Lab- Mar 21

7.  Reebop (See class handout)

8.  Seed Lab   Due:

9.  Pig Dissection