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Course Outline -- Feb 2009


Students must maintain a separate notebook for science. Guidelines for binders/notebooks have been provided in class.


February  2009 (note: CP = course pack, T=text)

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday


First Day of Class!

Safety and Course Intro

HW: study for safety test, get course outline signed

Safety Symbols and Lab Safety

HW: study for safety quiz, equipment worksheet

Lab Equipment

Equipment Worksheet

HW: study for safety quiz

Safety and Equipment Quiz

Bill Nye: Cells

HW: Secrets of Straight A Students Assignment

Parts of the Cell and Cell Theory

HW: worksheet on parts of the cell

8 9 Factory Assignment

HW: finish assignment worksheet

10 Lab: Banana Cell

HW: work on lab write-up

11 Lab: Cell Structures

Health of Developing Fetus STSE Project Assigned

HW: study for quiz

12 Quiz

Finish Cell Structures


13 Video: Bill Nye Genes

Intro to Mitosis

HW: finish worksheet from class, STSE

15 16 Family Day! 17 Genes, DNA and Chromosomes

Intro to Mitosis

HW: finish worksheet from class "Stages of Cell Cycle"

18 Video

Begin Mitosis Lab

HW: study for quiz, work on poster

19 Library Period STSE

HW: study for quiz, work on poster

20 Quiz

Finish Mitosis Lab

HW: work on poster project

22 23 Asexual Reproduction

HW: finish pkg


24 Asexual Reproduction

HW: finish pkg from class

25  Cloning

HW: finish article questions, study

26 Quiz

Sexual Reproduction

HW: poster

27  Poster work Period

HW: poster


 March 2009

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 2 Flowers

HW:  finish flower pkg, study

3  Review

HW: study

4.  Quest #1

HW: organize notebook

5  Male Reproductive System

HW: finish male reproductive system worksheet

6 Female Reproductive System

HW: finish female reproductive worksheet

8 9 Pregnancy

Trimester Worksheet

Signs Someone May be Pregnant Assignment

HW: finish assignment

10 Human Reproductive Technology

Risk Factors in Pregnancy Assignment

HW: finish reproductive technology worksheet

11 STSE Poster Due

Genetic Testing and Reproductive Technology

Human Reproduction Worksheet

HW: study for quiz


12 Quiz: Human Reproductive Systems

All unfinished worksheets due by end of class

Discussion of Notebook Evaluations

HW: prepare for notebook evaluation


13 Video: Life's Greatest Miracle 14
15 16 March Break 17 March Break 18 March Break 19 March Break 20 March Break 21
22 23 Genetic Engineering and Cancer

Read p. 78-79 and do #1-4

HW: review for quest, organize notebook

24   Review

Review Package

HW: review for quest, notebook

25  Review

HW: study for quest, notebook

26 Quest #2

Notebook Evaluations

27 Start Chemistry

Particle Theory

Phys. vs Chem Properties

HW: Phys. vs. Chem Properties Worksheet

29 30 Particle Theory and Phys and Chem Properties

HW: finish worksheet from class

31 Scavenger Hunt

Lab Intro

HW: read lab instructions


April 2009

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
      1 Mystery Powder Lab

HW: finish lab write-up

2 Finish Lab and Review Quiz

Lab Due

HW: study for quiz

(shortened day due to literacy test)

3 Quiz

Video: Bill Nye Presents Matter

HW: test corrections

5 6 Test Corrections Due

Chemical and Physical Changes

7 Combustion

HW: finish worksheet from class

8 Corrosion

Start Corrosion Lab

HW: finish worksheet

9 No Quiz

Methane Bubbles

Video: Chemical Reactions

HW: lab write-up


10  Good Friday 11
12 13 Easter Monday 14 Finish Corrosion Lab

Classification of Matter

Worksheet x2

HW: finish lab write-up

15 Review

HW: study

16 Chemistry Quest #1 17 Bill Nye Atoms

Superhero Assignment handed out.

Black Box Activity

HW: work on superhero research online

19 20 Computer Lab

and work on layout

HW: Atoms Package

21 Atoms

Calculating Neutrons

The Atom Worksheet

Atom Family Activity

HW: finish worksheets

22 Library Period 23  Bohr-Rutherford Diagrams

HW: finish worksheet from class

24  Ions

Atomic Structure Worksheet

Flame Test

HW: Bohr worksheet and work on superhero

26 27  Valence Electrons, Isotopes, Standard Notation

Atom Worksheet

HW: finish worksheet, study

28 Review Valence Electrons, Fireworks

Flame Test

HW: fireworks pkg

29  Review

HW: Study

30  Quest #2

Periodic Table Assign


May 2009

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
          1 Periodic Table Groups

Metals vs. Non-Metals Lab

HW: Venn Diagram for Metals vs. Non-Metals

3 4  Iron and Other Metals

Metals Pkg

HW: Counting Atoms, study


5  Chemical Bonding

HW: finish lab write-up

6 Review 7  Quest #3 8   Start Physics!

Intro to vocabulary for physics

HW: finish static worksheet from class, superhero

10 11  Superhero Due

Review Charging by Friction

Conductors and Insulators

Lab: Investigating Charges

HW: finish lab write-up

12  Charging by Contact

Lab: Charging by Contact

Drawing charging by contact

Van Der Graaf

HW: finish lab write-up


13  Review Three Methods of Charging

Charging by Induction

Three Methods of Charging Review

Worksheet: Drawing Charging a Pithball and electroscope

HW: study for quiz

14  Current Electricity


OH - Current Electricity

Note taking: components of a circuit

Circuit Diagrams

Worksheet and building circuit practice

HW: finish worksheet and schematics


 15 Series Circuits

Practice Building Series Circuits

HW: finish Series Circuit Package

17 18 Victoria Day 19 Parallel Circuits

Using Ammeters and Voltmeters

HW: finish Parallel Circuit Pkg


20 Current and Voltage

Building Circuits Lab

HW: study for quiz

21  Quiz

Ohm's Law and Resistance

HW: Practice Problems

22  Ohm's Law

Ohm's Run

HW: finish practice problems

24 25 Power

Electrical Energy at Home

HW: finish worksheet

26  Power and Conservation

Producing Electrical Energy

HW: finish conservation package, study

27 Review

Graffiti Review

HW: study

28   Review

Review Package

HW: study

29 Unit Test 30

June 2009

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
  1  Space!

Planet Database

HW: finish database and worksheets

2  History of Astronomy

HW: finish worksheet from class

3  Astronomy        

Light Years

Astronomy Lab: Planisphere

HW: finish lab

4    The Sun and Stars

Life Cycle of a Star

Parts of the  Sun

HW: finish worksheet

5  Lab Exam Review

HW: study for lab exam

7 8 Lab/Practical Exam

HW: study for written exam

9  Planetary Motion 10   The Big Bang and Life in Space 11    Begin Exam Review 12    Exam Review


14 15  Exam Review 16 Exam Review 17 18 19 20
21 22 23 24 25 26 27
28 29 30