Grade 9 Applied STSE Assignments


Biology: Reproductive Poster

Students will be creating a poster detailing warnings to potential mothers of possible dangers to the fetus.

Mother and Fetus Assignment

Mother and Fetus Rubric

Note-taking Sheet

Note: a work cited list MUST be included on the poster. Please use the format provided by the library.

Assigned: Feb. 11

Library Period: Feb. 19

Due: Mar.11


Superhero Project

Students will be working alone to research and create a superhero to represent one of the elements from the periodic table. Students will sign up so that none are repeated. Each pair will create a two page spread with pictures and text to describe their superhero. The superhero must incorporate the physical and chemical properties of that element. The two pages must fit together side by side because all student pages will be assembled to create a book. This book will be displayed in the library.

Library Period: April 22

Due Date: May 11