Superhero Assignment



Students will be working in pairs to research and create a superhero to represent one of the elements from the periodic table. Students will sign up so that none are repeated. Each pair will create a two page spread with pictures and text to describe their superhero. The superhero must incorporate the physical and chemical properties of that element. The two pages must fit together side by side because all student pages will be assembled to create a book. This book will be displayed in the library.

Specific details will be given in a handout to students. All research notes from the internet must be recorded on pages provided. Both students must show their completed work before the library period in class, this is to ensure both students complete work. Sources must include print as well as electronic resources.

Students will be provided with: Handout, Evaluation Sheet, Note-taking Sheets


You must use Web Elements as an internet source. Your research must be recorded on the page provided to you in class. You must also use a print source and record all your research on the page provided to you. If you lose this page it is your responsibility to get another one before the due date.

You must hand in both these sheets along with a bibliography when you hand in your main project.

Topics to be covered:

Marking Scheme:


2 pages (8x11)   /1mrk

Complete Information    /10 mrks

Superhero Illustrates Properties  /4mrks

Creativity  /4mrks

Colourfull  /2mrks

Neat/Organized / 2 mrks

Spelling/Grammar    / 2mrks


Research Notes and Work Cited  /10 mrks

Library Period: Apr. 1