Grade 9 Academic Exam Review

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You will have 1.5 hours. All students must remain for the entire exam period. Please note, the text is your entry in to the exam. You will not be admitted without either a receipt or your text.

You must bring your own equipment (pens, pencils, ruler, calculator). NO sharing of equipment. See exam guidelines distributed by the school with your schedule for all the policies and procedures.

Students MUST write the exam during the scheduled time. If students are away, official documentation (medical note, court subpoena, etc) must be given to the office. The administration handles all issues concerning missed exams.

The examination will take place June 21st 2010 at 8:30 am.

Exam Coverpage

Study Skills

Topics Review - June 2010 is here!

Review Activity

The main changes will be for the space unit where the life of stars and the type of stars,  and the sun will be emphasized.

Review Questions

Note: these reviews are sample questions only, please refer to the topic review for topics emphasized on the exam.

Study Tips

Sample Exam (some content may vary slightly depending on the needs of the class, this is only to give you an idea as to the types of questions)

Review Questions Extra

Study Tips

Chemistry Part 1

Chemistry Part 2

Physics Part 1