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Course Notes by Unit 2018


Chemistry:  Note taking sheets for all powerpoints.

Chemistry Diagnostic

Lesson 1A: Lab Safety         

Lesson 1B: Lab Equipment     Safety and Lab Equipment Workshee  Sponge Bob Observations      Textbook Exploration         Notebook Guidelines

Lesson 2: Scientific Method and Observations          Scientific Observations Worksheet

Lesson 3: Particle Theory    Lesson 3-1 Worksheet    Lesson 3-2 Worksheet Lesson 3-3

Lesson 4: Classifying Matter    Lesson 4-1 Worksheet    Lesson 4-2 Worksheet    Lesson 4-3 Worksheet

Lesson 5: Physical Properties    Lesson 5-1 Worksheet    Lesson 5-2 Worksheet

Lesson 6: Chemical Properties  Lesson 6-1 Worksheet Lesson 6-2 Worksheet Demo

Lesson 7: Density Lesson 7-1 Worksheet Lesson 7-2 Worksheet

Lesson 8: Atomic Theories Lesson 8-1 Worksheet Lesson 8-2 Worksheet

Lesson 9: Atomic Structure 

The Periodic Table   Subatomic Worksheet, Isotopes Worksheet, Isotopes Worksheet 2

Lesson 10: Bohr-Rutherford Diagrams Bohr-Rutherford Diagrams Worksheet Structure of the Atom

Lesson 11: Identifying Gases

Lesson 12: The Periodic Table

Lesson 13: Trends in the Periodic Table

Lesson 14: Ionic Compounds

Lesson 15: Molecular Compounds Lesson 15B: Building Molecular Models

Lesson 16: Modelling Compounds