Grade 9 Academic Course Notes: Electricity Unit

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Course Notes             Weeks May 31 - June 11 Please see schedule for dates of topics. Topics may change to accommodate year end assemblies.     

Space Intro Powerpoint

Worksheet for Space Powerpoint

Stars Powerpoint II

Stars Powerpoint Actual ppt file --> NEW

Worksheet for Stars Powerpoint

Space Introduction

Life in Space 

Where are we in the universe?

Light years

History of Astronomy

Geocentric vs. Heliocentric View of the Solar System

Mars Retrograde Motion Overhead

Mars Retrograde Motion Animation

Effects of Planetary Motion

The Seasons

Dangers of Space Travel

Cool Space Site with Tutorials    Timeline of Universe

The Sun

Supernovas, Neutron Stars and Black Holes

Your Weight on Other Planets (for fun!)

Lunar Eclipses (not done 2010)

A Star is Born

Life Cycle of a Star

The Origin of the Universe

Effects of Microgravity NEW!

Space Review

Review Package (during exam review)

Worksheets and Handouts

The Sun

Planetary Database

The Big Bang Worksheet