Grade 9 Academic Course Notes: Electricity Unit

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Course Notes                            

Lightning Mar 29

Static Electricity Mar 29

Three Ways to Gain a Charge Mar 30

Van der Graaf Generators Apr. 1

Current Electricity

See note taking sheets from class. --> note taking sheets handed out in class!

Spring 2010: see teacher for handouts and notes (guest teacher)

Current Electricity

Direct Current


What is Electric Current?

Calculating Charge (not done Spring 2010)

Ohms Law

Total Resistance

What is Power?

Summary of calculation rules! ==> NEW

Unit Test Topics (part 1 and 2)

Review Package #1 and Review Package #2 (In the fall term the physics unit will be split in to two quests, in the spring term there will be one unit test)

Unit Test Topics Updated Spring 2010

Note: many notes from this unit are not in electronic format, please see me in class if you are away.

Worksheets and Handouts

Exploring Nature of Static

Insulators and Conductors

Electrostatics in Our Lives


Electrical Discharge

Current Electricity

Circuit Diagrams

Electrochemical Cells

Electric Current and Potential

Series and Parallel

Power Calculations

Practice Calculations

Ohm's Law and Resistance