Grade 9 Academic Course Notes: Chemistry Unit

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Course Notes                           

Particle Theory, Properties of Matter

Qualitative vs. Quantitative, Density, Types of Mechanical Mixtures

How to Solve Density Problems

Changes of State and Chemical vs. Physical Changes



Classification of Matter

Classifying Matter Worksheet

Classification of Matter Diagram


Web Elements -- Useful for your STSE!

Rules for Writing Bohr-Rutherford Diagrams

Bohr-Rutherford Questions


Ions Part II


Radioisotopes and Radiation

Families of Elements

Groups of Periodic Table

Metals vs. Non-Metals

Diatomic Elements

Chemical Bonding


Unit Review

Topic Review for Test

For practice questions see the exam review section. Review packages from class are posted there.

Worksheets and Handouts

Most given in class, please see Ms. H

Lab Safety Worksheet

Chemistry Diagnostic