Good Websites to Visit

ILC Free Online Tutoring




2.        Ionic vs. Covalent Bonding Game

3.     Chemical Formula Practice Game

4.       Writing Chemical formulas

5.      Practice Writing Chemical Formulae --> online quiz and games

6.       Practice Chemical Naming --> online quiz and games

7. (polyatomic nomenclature practice)

8. (binary ionic compound nomenclature practice)

9.      Fun Based Learning

10. (balancing chemical equations)

11.  Drag and drop periodic table


Climate Change

1. (heat transfer game)

2.    Water Cycle Game



  1. A selection of applets showing multiple rays originating from the object in front of various lenses. Students can move the object and observe the changes impact on the image produced.

  1. A selection of computer generated images/animations demonstrating various aspects from the optics unit including converging, diverging lenses, refractive index and convex/concave reflections. Something students could visit. There are many other science related animations on this site including material for biology, chemistry and electricity.

  1. Physics in the classroom offers a virtual text book, worked examples, clear diagrams and most importantly fill in blank and multiple choice questions at the conclusion of each chapter that students can complete to test their understanding. Upon completing the question sheet students can receive instant feedback in terms of right or wrong.

  1. A virtual optics bench. The operator can select mirror or lens type, focal points, the location and size of the object and rays to help visualize the movement of light. This site would work well as a practice and confirm study aid.

                     Optics Bench



Optics simulations seen in class.