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Welcome back!

Textbooks have been assigned. If you did not resolve textbook issues from last semester, you will not be assigned a text to take home until the issue is resolved.

Please note: T=text, CP = handout numbers at bottom of page

February 2018

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday



5 Course Intro

HW: Parent Form

6 Safety

(T p. xvii, p. 204-205, p. xii -xiii)

HW: finish safety worksheet

7 Grade 9 Review

HW: finish work from class, review for safety quiz

8 Chemical and Physical Change

(T p.180)

(HW: finish (chem and phys change)

9 Grade 9 Review Part 2

(T p. 139-140)

HW: finish review on atomic structure

11 12 Ions

(T Section 4.1)

HW: finish predicting ions worksheet, study for safety quiz

13 Safety Quiz

Lewis Diagrams

(T Section 4.1 p. 153)

HW: finish Lewis diagrams worksheet


14 Lab: Ionic and Covalent Compounds


HW: lab report

15 Bill Nye Atoms and Chemical Reactions


HW: finish video question sheet, finish bonding worksheet

16 Combining Capacity and Chemical Bonding

(T Section 4.1)

HW: finish bonding worksheet

18 19 Family Day 20 Binary Compounds and Ionic Compounds

(T p. 140-146)

HW: Lab Report

21 Lab Report Due

Naming Binary Compounds

(T p. 140-146)

HW: study for quiz

22 Quiz #2

Polyatomic Ions

T. 148-149)

HW: finish practice sheets from class

23 Polyatomic Ions

(T. 148-149)


HW: finish practice sheets from class

25 26 Molecular Compounds and Diatomic Molecules

(T Section 4.2)

HW: finish practice questions

27 Law of Conservation of Mass

(T p. 160-161)

HW: complete demo questions

28 Chemical Reactions

(T p. 160-161)

HW: complete "Word Equations"


March 2018

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
        1 Quiz: Chemical Naming

Balancing Chemical Reactions

(T p. 163-p.165)

HW: finish Balancing Practice sheet



Balancing Chemical Reactions

(T p. 163-p.165)


HW: finish practice sheet

4 5 Types of Reactions

(T p. 179-197)

HW: finish practice questions

6 Library

HW: continue working on Fake News Assignment

7 Acids and Bases

(T pp. 222-227)

HW: finish naming practice questions



8 pH and Neutralization

(T Section 6.2, 6.3)

HW: finish pH and neutralization questions

9 Fake News Assignment Work Period

HW: Fake News Assignment Worksheet A

11 12 March Break 13 14 15 16 17
18 19 Lab: Acids and Bases

(T pp.222-227)

HW: lab report due Monday

20 Unit Wrap-Up

Acid Rain Case Study

HW: study for unit test

21 Review 22 Chemistry Unit Test 23 Intro to Biology


HW: lab report, Worksheet A

25 26 Lab due

Bill Nye Cells

HW: Worksheet A


27 Worksheet A due

Cell Organelles

(T p. 10-14)

Use package given in class.

HW: continue Fake News project and cell organelle package if not complete.


28 Microscopes

(T p.514-515)

HW: read over lab

29 Lab: Onion Cells


HW: lab report

30 Good Friday 31

April 2018

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
1 2 Easter Monday 3 Osmosis and Diffusion

(T p. 30-31)

HW: finish work from class, worksheet B, review for quiz

4 Lab Due

Chromosomes and DNA

(T p. 18-19)

Bill Nye DNA

HW: review for quiz


5 Quiz: Organelles

Chromosomes and DNA

(T p.18-19)

HW: worksheet B

6 The Cell Cycle

(T. 24-25, 90-91)


HW: finish work from class, Worksheet B

8 9 Lab: Mitosis Microviewers

HW: prep for OSSLT

10 Literacy Test 11  Cell Cycle and Genetic Mutations

(T p. 42-44)

HW: finish worksheet from class

12 Cell Cycle and Cancer

(T p. 42-44)

HW: Cancer Graph Assignment

13 Mutations and Genetic Screening

(T p. 42-44)

HW: finish worksheet, graphing assignment, Worksheet B

15 16 Cloning

(T. 24-25)


HW: review for quiz

17  Quiz: Mitosis and Genetic Mutations/Cancer


HW: finish cloning worksheet from class


18 Stem Cells and Cell Specialization

(T p. 90-91)


HW: finish stem cells worksheet from class

19 Animal Tissues

(T p. 85-89)

HW: finish Activity

20 Plant Tissues

(T. p. 68)

HW: finish activity

22 23 Plant Tissues: Flowers and Nutrient Transport

(CP 71-74)

HW: Worksheet C/Presentation


24 Respiratory System


HW: finish diagram and worksheet from class

25 Quiz

Digestive System


HW: finish package from class

26 27 Circulatory System


HW: complete diagram and worksheet from class

29 30 Excretory System

HW: finish worksheet from class


 May 2018

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
    1 Viruses and Vaccines

HW: finish worksheet from class

2 Medical Imaging

HW: finish worksheet from class

3 Introduction to Optics

HW: Nature of Light worksheet (due Wednesday)

4 PA Day 5
6 7 Biology Review 8 Biology Unit Test 9 Sources and Properties of Light 10 Drawing Ray Diagrams 11 Curved Mirrors 12
13 14 Curved Mirrors 15 Mirror Equation 16 Refraction 17 Lenses 18 Quiz 19
20 21 Victoria Day 22 Fake News Presentations Begin 23 Fake News Presentations 24 Cool Lenses

HW finish class work

25 Mirror Applications

HW: finish classwork

27 28 Lens Equation 29 Human Eye Lab 30 Human Eye Lab 31 Mirror Lab    


June 2018

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
          1 2
3 4 Optics Review 5 Optics Unit Test (tentative) 6 Climate Change Lesson 1 7 Lesson 2 8 Lesson 3 9
10 11 Lesson 4 12 Poster Day 1 13 Poster Day 2 14 Poster Walk 15  Exam Review 16
17 18 Exam Review 19 Exam Review 20 Exams 21 Exams 22 Exams 23
24 25 Exams 26 Exams 27 Exam Review Day 28 PA Day 29 PA Day 30