Grade 10 Academic Assignments

This is a tentative list and can change depending on the needs of individual classes. Please see individual lab sheets for marking scheme.

Being updated for 2017! Please check back soon!

Fake News Assignment

Marking Scheme

Work Period:

Library Period:

Library Period #2:


1. Ionic and Molecular Compounds

Due: Feb. 21

Good Copy Required

Include: Purpose, Hypothesis, Observations, Answers to Questions

Observations (T/I)         /14

Question #1 (c)             /4

Question #2 (A)           /4

Total                             /22

2.  Law of Conservation of Mass Lab On Lab Quiz

3. Acid Base Lab Formal Lab Rubric due Mar. 26

4. Chemistry Test Corrections


1. Onion Cell Lab

2. Plant and  Animal Mitosis Microviewer Lab

3. Cancer Graphing Assignment (Note-taking and Assignment Sheet)

4. Frog Dissection Report


1. Treasure Hunt

2. Human Eye Activity

Human Eye Assignment

Mirror Lab

Climate Change

Poster Assignment (Assignment and Rubric)