Grade 10 Academic Course Notes: Chemistry Unit

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New Course Outline

Course Powerpoints

Lab Safety

Understanding Chemical Reactions

Grade 9 Review Part 1

Grade 9 Review Part 2

Lewis Diagrams


Combining Capacities

Binary Compounds

Chemical Bonding Part 2

Writing Ionic Compounds


Polyatomics Part 2

Naming Molecular/Covalent Compounds

Naming Acids and Bases

Writing Equations

Diatomic Molecules

Law of Conservation of Mass

Types of Reactions

Acids and Bases




Review Package

Course Notes (2005-2010)

Understanding Chemistry

Chemicals and Chemical Change

Chemicals and Chemical Change Part 2 (charts)

Periodic Table Groups

Elements and the Periodic Table

Lewis Dot Symbols

Chemical Bonding

Chemical Bonding Part 2

Nomenclature 1

Nomenclature 2

Nomenclature 3

Nomenclature 4

Nomenclature 5


Chemical Equations

Acids and Bases


Chemistry Unit Summary

Worksheets (NOT ALL the handouts will be available online)

Naming and Formula: Ionic Compounds

Naming and Formula: Molecular Compounds

Chemical Reactions: Balanced Chemical Equations (extra practice only for 2010-2011)

Combustion Reactions

Unit Review Questions --> Omit Rates of Reactions Questions