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Lesson 1A: Lab Equipmentppt, Note, Worksheet 1A

Lesson 1B: Safetyppt, Note, Worksheet 1B

Lesson 1C: Safety Symbolsppt, Note, Worksheet 1C

Lesson 2A: Classification of Matterppt, Note, Worksheet 2A

Lesson 2B: Physical and Chemical Changeppt, Note, Worksheet 2B

Lesson 3A: The Periodic Tableppt, Note, Worksheet 3A

Lesson 3B: Bohr Diagramsppt, Note, Worksheet 3B

Lesson 3C: Electron Arrangementppt, Note, Worksheet 3C

Lesson 4: Atoms and Ionsppt, Note, Worksheet 4-1 Bohr-Rutherford Diagrams, Worksheet 4-1 Ions, Worksheet 4-2

Lesson 5: Forming Compoundsppt, Note, Worksheet 5

Lesson 6A: Ionic Compounds ppt, Note

Lesson 6B: Ionic Compounds Part 2 ppt, Note, Worksheet 6

Lesson 7: Polyatomic Compounds ppt, Note, Worksheet 7

Lesson 8: Molecular Compounds ppt, Note, Worksheet 8

Lesson 9A: Counting Atoms ppt, Worksheet 9A

Lesson 9B: Describing Chemical Reactions ppt, Note, Worksheet 9B

Lesson 9C: Balancing Chemical Reactions ppt, Note, Worksheet 9C-1, Worksheet 9C-2

Lesson 10: Types of Reactions ppt, Note, Worksheet 10

Lesson 11A: Acids and Bases ppt, Note, Worksheet 11A

Lesson 11B: The pH scale ppt, Note, Worksheet 11B

Lesson 11C: Neutralization Reactions ppt, Note, Worksheet 11C

Chemistry Unit Review


Bill Nye Worksheet

Lesson LP1: Cells ppt, Note, Worksheet 1

Lesson LP2: Microscopes, Note, Worksheet 2, microscope

Lesson LP3: Cell Membrane - Diffusion and Osmosis ppt, Note, Worksheet 3

Lesson LP4: DNA and Genes ppt, Note, Worksheet 4

Lesson LP5: Cell Division ppt, Note, Worksheet 5-1, Worksheet 5-2, Worksheet 5-3, Worksheet 5-4, Worksheet 5-5

Lesson LP6: Cancer ppt, Note, Worksheet 6

Lesson LP7: Cell Specialization ppt, Note, Worksheet 7

Lesson LP8A: Tissues ppt, Note, Worksheet 8A

Lesson LP8B: Organ Systems ppt, Note, Worksheet 8B, Activity 8

Lesson LP9: Digestive System ppt, Note, Worksheet 9-1, Worksheet 9-2

Lesson LP10: Circulatory System ppt, Note, Worksheet 10-1, Worksheet 10-2

Lesson LP11: Respiratory System ppt, Note, Worksheet 11

Lesson LP12: Organ System Interactions ppt, Note, Worksheet 12


Ms. Ebrahimi Lessons: Lesson 2, Lesson 3, Lesson 4, Lesson 5, Onion Cell Lab

More to come...

Lesson 13: Vaccine and Viruses ppt, Vaccine and Virus Notes, Vaccine and Virus Worksheet

Lesson 14: Medical Imaging ppt, Medical Imaging Worksheet

Frog Dissection Intro, Frog Dissection

Biology Review



Lesson 1: What is Light?, Notesheet 1, Worksheet 1

Lesson 2  Sources of Light,  Notesheet 2,  Worksheet 2

Lesson 3: Behavior of Light,  Worksheet 3

Lesson 4: Colour of Light,  Worksheet 4

Lesson 5a: Colour of Objects Part 1,  Worksheet 5a

Lesson 5b: Colour of Objects Part 2,  Worksheet 5b

Lesson 5c: Colour of Objects Part 3,  Worksheet 5c

Lab 1: Mixing Colours

Lesson 6A: Plane Mirrors, Worksheet 6A

Lesson 6B: Plane Mirror Drawing,  Worksheet 6B

Lesson 7: Concave (Converging) Mirrors

Concave Mirror Activity,  Worksheet 7

Lesson 8: Convex (Diverging) Mirrors,  Worksheet 8

Diverging Mirror Activity

Optics Review



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