Course Notes

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Grade 11 Review

Unit 1: Structure and Properties

Wave Mechanical Model Diagram

Introduction to Quantum Theory

Bohr and Beyond

Chemical Bonding (warning this is rather large, you may want to print in smaller font!)

Hybrid Orbitals

Unit Review

Unit 2: Energy Changes and Rates of Reaction



Kinetics Example

Graphing Integrated Rate Laws

Thermochemistry Review

Kinetics Review

Unit 3: Chemical Systems and Equilibrium


Acid-Base Equilibria


Acid-Base Indicators

Quantitative Equilibria


Entropy and Gibb's Free Energy

SCH4U Equilibrium Test Review

SCH4U Acid Base Test Review

Acid Base Equilibria Example Questions

Unit 4: Electrochemistry

Introduction to Electrochemistry


Redox Reactions


Writing Half-Reactions


Balancing Redox Reactions


Galvanic Cells


Galvanic Cells 2


Cell Potential


Batteries and Fuel Cells


Cell Notation

Unit 5: Organic Chemistry

Grade 11 Review: (hydrocarbons)

Organic Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6



Chemical Structures of Functional Groups


Ester, Ether and Amides


Organic Nomenclature


Benzene Derivatives


Ethers and Multiple Functional Groups


Types of Reactions


Organic Reactions 1


Organic Reactions 2


Organic Reactions 3


Alcohol Oxidations

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