Grade 11 U ISU


Pre-Lab: to be completed by January 16th

Lab: In-Class January 16th

There will only be one class given to complete the lab component.

Students will share equipment within a group of 2 or 3. However this is not a group project. All students must complete their own results and report without collaborating with other students. This includes all pages within the lab report, therefore students may not print out pages for other students in any of the classes.


Due: on January 23rd. No extensions are possible. In order for students to get back their results and for them to be included in their mark, they must be handed in on time. I will have their isu mark prepared by January 25th (the last day of school) provided it they are handed in on the due date.

Students will only be able to keep the evaluation component of the ISU. Reports and results can be discussed but not kept. This is to prevent plagiarism in future years.

The assistance I can provide post-lab is limited, due to the nature of the assignment. I can only provide the kind of assistance on would normally receive during a lab examination.

Students have been well informed of these issues. They have a detailed assignment sheet and should be working on the assignment this week.

Good luck to everyone!